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The Alumni Association of Ben M’sik English Department (AABED) is a not-for-profit NGO.

AABED is one of the few alumni associations active in Morocco. At the time of its foundation, AABED was the first alumni association for students of Departments of English across Morocco.

The objectives of the association are:

First, the establishment of a network of alumni that could give back to the faculty and help other alumni/students

Second, the creation of a responsible intellectual alumni network that will benefit the Moroccan nation/society as a whole.

Our vision is a solid and professional network of alumni, proudly contributing to the development of our country. Our mission is to help our alumni and provide them with insights, guidance, and skills to realize their full potential.

AABED’s objectives can be broken down into the following:

To support and promote cultural, scientific and societal activities for the students and alumni supporting their autonomy and creativity.

Creating channels for networking between the faculty and its alumni.

These objectives are achieved through

conferences, seminars, training and workshops for alumni/students to develop their skills and competencies in many fields;

providing guidance and job offers and opportunities to the alumni to better integrate into the job market;

strengthening students’ and alumni’s contribution to civil society and combating social exclusion;

the creation of partnerships and collaborations with other active national and international civil society NGOs and associations;

promoting the culture of belonging and giving back to the faculty and our country.

AABED objectives are related to all fields and sectors including, but not limited to, education and training, health, environment, sports, culture, arts, entrepreneurship…etc.

These fields and sectors could be of national or international nature as long as it serves the association’s objectives.


Alumni Association of Benmsik English Department was founded on October 20th, 2015.


Membership is granted to all graduate students upon submitting an application.

Members of the association are graduates from the Department of English at Hassan II University, Faculty of Letters & Humanities, Benmsik – Casablanca.

Third-year undergraduate students may also apply to join the Alumni Association on an interim basis awaiting their graduation at the end of the academic year.

All members can volunteer to help in all activities of the association. However, it is recommended that they join one of the three main activity branches: Culture, Social, or Communications.

Mission Statement

AABED’s mission is to support and promote cultural, scientific and societal activities for the students and Alumni of Ben M’sik faculty to support their autonomy and creativity.